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Payroll Administrator Course

Payroll Administrator Certification

Becoming a certified payroll administrator ensures that you have the skills and credentials to find employment in this growing field. The New York Institute of Career Development’s online Payroll Administrator Course is your convenient and affordable pathway to certification.

The course prepares you to take the Payroll Certification exam offered by the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA). The NBA is recognized by employers nationwide as a leading provider of payroll administrator certifications.

The Payroll Certification exam is developed and maintained by the NBA and administered by Accounting Training Unlimited (ATU). As soon as you’ve graduated from your course, you can sign up for the certification test online with ATU.

Exam Fees: $150 Value - Yours Free With Enrollment

You will gain access to a study guide and practice exam to help you prepare for the real thing, at no added cost to you. And when you are ready to take the certification exam, we will pay for you to do that.

The certification exam will test your knowledge of the typical procedures and tasks that a payroll administrator is expected to do. And you will feel confident that your Payroll Administrator Course, along with the exam study guide, cover everything you will need to know to pass the test and get certified.

Armed with your certification, you’ll be ready to become a payroll administrator. If you have additional questions about certification, give us a call at 1-800-239-9275.