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Small Business Management Course


This course is awaiting regulatory approval and will be available as soon as possible. Check back soon.

Learn How to Manage a Small Business

After completing the Small Business Management course, students will be able to:

  • Describe some of the current opportunities, trends, and challenges related to small business ownership and describe the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
Identify the different forms of legal ownership for small businesses and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each from a variety of perspectives—including ownership, taxation, and organization.
  • Describe how different types of businesses operate within the legal, regulatory, and tax environments in the United States.
  • Describe the essential components of a profitable business—including strategic and operational planning, tax and estate planning, profit planning, human resource management, physical facility management, inventory management, and management information systems—and create a sample business plan that includes all required components.
  • Explain why equity and debt financing are required, identify common sources of financing, and describe the roles that equity and debt financing play in the capital structure of a small firm.
  • Describe issues related to developing, marketing, and distributing products, including finding a niche, managing inventory, working within the product life cycle, developing effective marketing strategies, and identifying appropriate channels of distribution, including e-commerce
  • Explain how small businesses find and manage human resources, including growth planning, employee recruitment strategies, managing to performance standards, and ensuring employee safety.

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