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Small Business Management Course


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Small Business Management Course Outline
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Upon completion of NYICD's online small business management course, you'll have the skills and confidence to run a successful business

Small Business Management Course Description

Whether you are already managing a small business, or plan to start your own business, our small business management course will prepare you for success. You will learn about planning, financing, and hiring, as well as market research, advertising, and more. You will have access to experienced small business managers here to help you as you move through the program.

Small Business Management Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Planning for Success

1.1 Concepts in Small Business and Self-Employment 

In Lesson 1.1: You'll learn how to determine the 'leanness' of your business and how to position your brand to beat the competition. Also, you'll understand how to do market testing and a variety of important business terms.

1.2 Think Before You Plan 

In Lesson 1.2: You'll know the necessary steps to go into business for yourself, and identify the type of business that's right for you.

1.3 Confirm Your Market 

In Lesson 1.3: You'll learn the concept of market research and understand it's importance. You'll also be able to identify a product or features that are in demand within your niche.

1.4 Craft a Winning Business Plan 

In Lesson 1.4: You'll prepare a sample business plan and understand it's purpose. In addition, you'll identify and understand the purposes of a variety of business roles. You'll also become familiar with the necessary legal forms of ownership.

Unit 2: Making Solid Preparations

2.1 The Best Sources of Funding 

In Lesson 2.1: You'll be able to explain the importance of financing, and how to estimate your financial needs. You will understand the sources of equity and debt financing, and each of their roles. You'll also know what a lender looks for in a potential borrower.

2.2 Secure Your Location and inventory 

In Lesson 2.2: You'll learn how to choose the ideal retail location, how to manage your inventory, and the benefits of insurance.

2.3 Hire Employees 

In Lesson 2.3: You'll understand the best ways to find new employees. Also, you'll learn the factors that influence employee compensation and how to reduce turnover.

Unit 3: Reaching Your Customers

3.1 Make Use of Technology 

In Lesson 3.1: You will learn to identify ways that technology can improve your business. In addition, you'll be familiarized with the importance of having a web presence, and identify hosting options for your website.

3.2 Build a Brand 

In Lesson 3.2: You'll understand the importance of your brand, and the pros and cons associated with brand recognition. You will also learn to develop and implement your social media marketing strategy. Finally, you'll identify affordable, effective advertising options.

3.3 Sales and Services 

In Lesson 3.3: You'll learn how to sell your product, from the research phase, to sales presentations, and more.

3.4 Marketing and Advertising Online 

In Lesson 3.4: You'll understand how your website is primarily a tool for marketing. Also, you'll learn how to attract and keep visitors on your website. Finally, you'll learn how to drive traffic to your website from relevant social channels.

Unit 4: Managing Your Profits

4.1 Bookkeeping Basics 

In Lesson 4.1: You'll be able to describe the financial structure of your business, and understand how a budget is prepared and used. In addition, you'll be able to identify the causes of any change in the financial standing of your business.

4.2 Good Business Management 

In Lesson 4.2: You'll learn how to plan for profit, and be able to explain the importance of profit planning. You'll also learn about the U.S. tax system, and understand what is applicable to you. Finally, you'll learn how effective managers exercise control in a small business.

What You Get

  • Instant access to high-quality course materials
  • One-to-one mentorship from a professional in the field
  • Certification preparation materials including free practice test

NYICD offers convenient online training to anyone interested in running a small business. Study anytime, anywhere at your own pace and earn your small business management certificate in a matter of months. Call 1-800-239-9275 or enroll online today.