Could Bookkeeping Be a Perfect Career For You?

Written by Michelle Ecker on Thursday, 26 October 2017. Posted in Business, Careers

Could Bookkeeping Be a Perfect Career For You?

Are you looking to start pursuing a rewarding new career that you can feel proud of? If you’re unsure where to start or what type of industry within which you’d be a good fit, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do You Have Great Organizational Skills?

Do you often find yourself making lists to help keep yourself organized? Are you known to dot every “i” and cross every “t” in all that you do?

As a professional bookkeeper, a large part of your role involves the effective maintaining and updating of company financial records. Your day to day routine in accomplishing this will include smaller tasks such as balancing corporate bank accounts and ensuring that all company payments and deposits have been reported and executed correctly. It will also be your responsibility to determine which company payments (if any) need to be remitted, and to subsequently submit those payments accurately (and in a timely manner), then record their submission in a financial ledger.

It might also be your job to receive different types of payments from clients, customers or patients of the company that you work for. If this is a part of your role, you will also most likely be responsible for depositing those payments at your company’s chosen financial institution, then recording the date of their deposit in the financial ledger as well.

When it comes to keeping company finances running smoothly, it’s extremely important to be organized and thorough in everything you do. Maintaining detailed documents and ledgers of all transactions is absolutely crucial when it comes to tracking corporate financial history, so in order to succeed in this field, that particular attention to detail and those careful work habits are an absolute must.

2. Are You a Good Communicator?

Let’s say you work at a large advertising firm and corporate has decided to invest in sending your graphic design team to an industry conference this weekend. Not only will you have to document the corporate money spent on their flights and hotels, but you’ll also need to track all the expenditures made while they’re away.

This could mean dispersing and logging distribution of petty cash, or it could mean asking employees to hold onto all their receipts from the trip so that they can be reimbursed for their money when they return. Either way, it’s crucial for you to maintain a clear line of comfortable communication with all involved members of your team in order to ensure transactions like these are made accurately and smoothly, and that everyone knows what to expect. It’s your job to remind these employees specifically what’s required of them, to collect whatever information or receipts you needed them to provide, and to then log and reimburse quickly and accurately.

3. Do You Like Working With Numbers?

We’re sure you’ve already figured this out on your own, but it’s important to understand that bookkeepers spend the vast majority of their time working with numbers. In order to succeed in this field, you should definitely have some pretty strong mathematical skills, and be comfortable working with numbers in your day-to-day workflow. When it comes to finding a job that makes you happy, the precise level of difficulty will always depend on the size of a company and the structure of their accounting department. But for the vast majority of bookkeeping professionals, the bulk of your day will be spent working in mathematics.

4. Do You Want to Avoid Spending a Ton Of Time and Money on School?

Unlike other 4-year bachelor degree accounting programs that require you to invest a ton of time and money in training before you can dive in and get started with your new career, our online bookkeeping course gives students the option of getting certified and hired in under a year. With our courses, you can pay as little as $59 to get started, and you can begin at any time you feel ready.

All you have to do is complete and sign your enrollment forms, and you will receive an email from the school with login information and a link. When you click that link and login, you’ll find yourself in our online learning center- a course delivery platform filled with reading materials to study, videos to watch, and ebooks to download.

At NYICD, we know that students enroll with the vision of starting a new, well-paid career as soon as possible, and understand the importance of completing your program debt-free. That’s why we provide you with education at a reasonable price-, and include all ebooks and materials needed to complete the course and get certified as part of your tuition- no more sending students home with long lists of additional textbooks they’ll need to buy on their own. Not only that, when it comes time to take your National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) Uniform Bookkeeper Certification Examination, we’ll pay the NBA that exam fee on your behalf.


When it comes to bookkeeping careers, inside every single business or office environment- from medical offices to music production firms to fashion corporations, you will find organized, reliable bookkeeping professionals working behind the scenes to ensure everything money-related runs smoothly. If you’re looking to start pursing a rewarding new career and any of the last four qualities remind you of yourself, you should highly consider looking into this consistent, satisfying field to find a job you love.

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