How To Pass the PTCB

Written by Michelle Ecker on Monday, 23 October 2017. Posted in Careers, Healthcare

How To Pass the PTCB

Are you planning to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam sometime in the near future? When it comes to studying, you can never be too prepared for a test like this. While there are plenty of free resources and articles online about the PTCB, you don’t want to show up on test day and find yourself surprised by entire sections of material that you hadn’t prepared for. That’s why we’ve created and entire Pharmacy Technician training program to ensure that not only can you arrive on exam day 100% confident that you’ve been prepped on all relevant knowledge, but that after you’ve aced your exam, you can start working immediately with the confidence that you’ve been thoroughly equipped by a network of reliable, accredited experts.

What is the PTCB?

If you’re interested in becoming a Pharmacy Technician but you’ve never heard of the PTCB, it’s crucial for you to become familiar. PTCB stands for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam. This important test is nationally-recognized and accredited, completely certifying the knowledge and capability of Pharmacy Techs across the United States. By earning this certificate, you’re able to give potential employers complete confidence and trust in your capabilities as a proficient, well-trained tech. Currently, more than half a million working pharmacy technicians across the United States have passed the exam and hold claim to this industry certification. When it comes to applying for competitive, well-paid pharmacy jobs, being certified can make the difference that leads an employer to choose you over another less-prepared candidate applying for that same position.

What Topics Are Covered on the PTCB?

The exam is extremely thorough and covers all relevant topics that you’ll one day find yourself managing in your new pharmacy technician career. A 90 multiple-choice question long exam, it covers the following topics in their entirety: Pharmacology for Technicians, Pharmacy Law and Regulations, Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding, Medication Safety, Pharmacy Quality Assurance, Medication Offer Entry and Fill Process, Pharmacy Inventory Management, Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement, Pharmacy Information System Usage and Application.

How is The PTCB Graded?

The exam is graded on a scale of 1400-1600, and all exam-takers are required to score a minimum of 1400 points in order to pass. While many students attempt to take the exam without any formal training, industry experts strongly advise you to take some type of preparatory course that thoroughly covers all the topics mentioned above. Only 75% of all PTCB exam takers score higher than 1400, and you want to be able to arrive on test day confident that you’ve been briefed on every single topic covered in the exam, and that you’ll be a member of that 75%.

NYICD’s online pharmacy technician course curriculum was designed with the intention of preparing all students and grads to pass the PTCE with ease. Every section of our curriculum was designed to thoroughly verse you in all PTCE exam topics so that you have a comprehensive, clear understanding of every single question you’ll find on test day. We worked with industry experts who have taken the exam already themselves and currently work in successful pharmacy jobs- and once enrolled at NYICD, you’ll have unlimited access to this network of instructors to help you study and prepare.

Not only that, The New York Institute of Career Development is proud to partner with Walgreens and CVS, allowing every student of ours to complete a hands-on externship during the course. Through this invaluable experience, our students are able to physically work in a pharmacy environment, completing all the tasks covered on the exam in real life- so answering questions about them on an exam feels like second nature by the time you’re ready to get certified.

What To Do on Test Day

After completing your NYICD Pharmacy Technician course and experiencing the hands-on value of your externship, you will be able to register for your exam at any one of the more than 350 testing locations available to you worldwide. As a part of your tuition payment at NYICD, our school covers the exam fee costs for all of our students. So when you show up on test day, your exam has already been paid for by us. All you’ll need to bring is your proof of payment (which we can provide you with) and a photo ID, and you’ll be ready to get started. The exam itself is taken on a computer, and should take you about 2 hours to complete in full. And once you’ve completed and passed your exam, you’ll officially be ready to get hired and start working as a proficient, capable and fully certified pharmacy tech.

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