What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do?

Written by Michelle Ecker on Wednesday, 17 January 2018. Posted in Careers, Healthcare

What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do?

Did you know that the pharmacy-specific niche of the medical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in terms of job opportunities? According to projections by the United States Department of Labor, pharmacy technician jobs are anticipated to grow by 9% leading up to 2024. As more and more discoveries and advancements are made within the healthcare and medical field, the more our population is growing to rely on the services of pharmacies and lifesaving prescriptions.

In the year 2016 alone, Unites States pharmacies were responsible for filling 4,065,479,343 prescriptions for patients- it’s no wonder why there’s seemingly never a shortage in job openings for pharmacy techs needed in this rapidly growing space. If you’ve ever wondered how exactly pharmacy technicians contribute to the process, here’s a simple breakdown.

Basically, the pharmacy technician is responsible for filling out prescriptions, interacting with the customers and assisting the pharmacist. If this sounds like a career you’d be interested in pursuing, you’ll need to know the following things.

What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do

  1. Collect information from customers and medical providers in order to properly fill prescriptions
  2. Measure out the proper amounts needed to fill specific prescription quantities
  3. Packing that medicine after measuring it and then label it properly
  4. Organize and track the pharmacy’s medical inventory
  5. Handle payments from customers and process the applicable insurance information

The New York Institute of Career Development has developed a comprehensive, step-by-step course that makes sure aspiring pharmacy technicians are thoroughly trained experts at everything listed above. Not only that, we are proud to partner with both Walgreens and CVS to ensure that every student enrolled in our pharmacy technician program can also complete a hands-on externship throughout their enrollment in our course. This externship gives our students that invaluable real-life experience of what it’s really like to work in a pharmacy environment, bringing them one step closer to a successful career as a pharmacy technician.

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