Aspiring Paralegals Now Trained Entirely Online

on Tuesday, 16 April 2019.

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 16, 2019

The New York Institute of Career Development (NYICD) just launched an online course for Paralegals, meaning students can now complete fully-accredited paralegal training entirely from home.

The curriculum is broken out into four easy-to-follow units that students can complete entirely at their own pace. Upon enrolling, students are given up to 18 months to work through the course- completing reading assignments, watching video tutorials, taking quizzes and even submitting interactive projects.

Although the course is fully online, what makes NYICD different from other online schools is that every one of their paralegal students is paired with a real mentor- a professional paralegal who is available by phone or email to help answer any questions.

"NYICD allowed me to enroll right away and start my course online that same moment," says recent NYICD graduate Sergio Gamarra. "My coursework was interesting and my mentor was very helpful. He helped me with every question I had, and explained everything so that I could understand."

The paralegal course covers all the basic principles required for a career as a professional paralegal. The curriculum was carefully developed by veteran legal professionals with real world experience, and includes training for all skills vital to a successful career in this industry.

"Online courses such as this one give adult learners the opportunity to pursue a more stable career path," says school director Jacob Boller. "By offering paralegal training online, aspiring professionals can train for a new career at their own pace, without having to quit their current jobs or put other family obligations on hold. A big part of our mission at NYICD is to make education accessible to all, and we’re very excited to include this paralegal course with our current course offerings."

Learn more about NYICD’s Paralegal Course at www.nyicd.edu.


The New York Institute of Career Development is part of the Distance Education Company (DEC) cadre of schools. DEC has been providing best-in-class education for more than 100 years via NYICD’s sister schools, the New York Institute of Photography and the New York Institute of Art and Design. The New York Institute of Career Development proudly continues that tradition, making online career education as simple and stress-free as it can be. From bookkeeping and tax preparation to sterile processing and medical transcription, NYICD offers high-quality, affordable online courses and one-to-one mentorship to aspiring professionals of all kind.