NYICD Offers Graduates Career Resources to Help Find a Job

on Tuesday, 18 September 2018.

New York, NY – September 18, 2018

The New York Institute of Career Development has partnered with Career Edge, a premier online job-preparedness aide. With the online tools provided by Career Edge, NYICD helps aspiring professionals master the job search and application process from start to finish.
From writing stand out resumes to practicing professional interview skills, Career Edge was designed to help qualified professionals enter the career force with the ease of knowing they’ve received personally tailored training to help them ace any application or interview.
New York Institute of Career Development students and graduates will gain access to online job preparedness tools at no additional cost. Once logged in, students are able to edit, save and update their own professional resumes using industry-tailored templates. Through the Mock Job Application tool, students have access to interactive, step-by-step content meant to mirror real-world interview processes from start to finish. From the cover letter to the follow-up email, NYICD ensures students are accompanied with professional guidance through every step of the job search process. This is all covered as part of a student’s tuition.
“NYICD was founded with a mission to empower students to achieve their aspirations through our flexible, convenient, affordable, and highly relevant educational programs,” says Keith Gallagher, School Director. “Through this new partnership with Career Edge, students now benefit from that professional guidance and support from the day they enroll to the day they start their new career.”
Every student enrolled in a New York Institute of Career Development career course benefits from a comprehensive, industry-specific overview of the impending job application process. And thanks to this exciting new partnership, they’ll now have access to a convenient, interactive tool where they can bring those lessons to life.
For more information on the New York Institute of Career Development, visit https://www.nyicd.edu/


The New York Institute of Career Development is part of the Distance Education Company (DEC) cadre of schools. DEC has been providing best-in-class education for more than 100 years via NYICD’s sister schools, the New York Institute of Photography and the New York Institute of Art and Design. The New York Institute of Career Development proudly continues that tradition, making online career education as simple and stress-free as it can be. From bookkeeping and tax preparation to sterile processing and medical transcription, NYICD offers high-quality, affordable online courses and one-to-one mentorship to aspiring professionals of all kind