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Travel Agent Course Outline
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Travel agencies and individual consumers demand the aid of skilled travel agents to help them plan domestic and foreign trips.

Our certified online travel agent class will highlight you as an expert in the industry and help you become employed.

Travel Agent Course Description

The travel agent class will teach you all the skills necessary to successfully plan trips for individuals or agencies. From insider knowledge about locations to communication skills, creating an itinerary, and making reservations, you’ll learn all of the skills necessary to be successful. Additionally, our course will prepare you to take the Travel Agent Proficiency Test offered by the Travel Institute. This nationally-recognized industry certification will help you to stand out from others in the field.

Online Travel Agent Classes

Unit 1: Travel Geography

1.1 Concepts in Small business and Self-Employment 

In Lesson 1.1: Understand how to evaluate your business plan, competitors, and your own entrepreneurial qualities while learning the basics of funding a small business.

1.2 Geographic Basics 

In Lesson 1.2: Reacquaint yourself with the basics of geography by being able to locate and describe the major regions, primary countries, the major cities within these countries and the attractions that those cities offer.

1.3: Destination Geography 

In Lesson 1.3: Learn what it takes to plan destination travel, including the geographic needs of the tourism industry, how to properly use a map to guide clients, time zone differentials and understand how the internet has revolutionized the travel industry.

Lesson 1.4: North American Aviation and Airports 

In Lesson 1.4: Grasp the complexity of North America’s hub-and-spoke air travel system while learning how airports operate, how to describe their design, and the factors affecting domestic airline fares and tickets.

Lesson 1.5: International Travel 

In Lesson 1.5: Be able to accurately explain the documentation needed for international travel, the purpose and procedures of U.S. Customs, a variety of resources for international travelers, currency exchange and international reservations.

Unit 2: Types of Travel

Lesson 2.1: Rail and Road Travel 

In Lesson 2.1: Learn the history and services of rail travel, famous rail routes, and be able to identify which car rental companies are best for your clients, both domestically and internationally.

Lesson 2.2: Cruising 

In Lesson 2.2: Identify the popular cruising areas and which cruise lines service the area while understanding the changing cruise passenger demographic and how to make reservations.

Lesson 2.3: World Tours 

In Lesson 2.3: Be able to name the types of tours, identify their elements and learn the necessary skills to successfully book tours while understanding the variables that affect prices.

Lesson 2.4: The Hospitality Industry 

In Lesson 2.4: Classify the various types of hotels and major brands while learning the procedure for booking a room and the variables that affect the rates.

Lesson 2.5: Meetings and Marketing 

In Lesson 2.5: Learn to successfully market yourself as a travel agent, the importance of planning meetings and how to sell your skills to potential clients.

Unit 3: The Global Distribution System

Lesson 3.1: The Global Distribution System 

In Lesson 3.1: Define the components and operations of the GDS and learn how to encode and decode cities, airline equipment and airlines while learning special-purpose keys.

Lesson 3.2: Building the Itinerary 

In Lesson 3.2: Understand how to build an itinerary, including how to sell flights, rental cars, hotels and learning essential skills that make help streamline the process.

Lesson 3.3: Building the Passenger Name Record 

In Lesson 3.3: Be able to create a Passenger Name Record (PNR), add or remove data fields, and learn how to access PNRs and make necessary modifications.

Lesson 3.4: Travel Agent Skills 

In Lesson 3.4: Learn to effectively communicate, develop a speciality or niche to differentiate yourself in the market, and the computer skills to make it all possible.

Project: Creating an Itinerary and Confirmation Letter

This graded project is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and comprehension of job-related skills as a Travel Agent professional and related guidelines covered in your coursework. In this project, you will be creating an itinerary and writing a confirmation letter for a client's one-week trip to Rome, including flight, hotel, car rental, and restaurant booking.

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