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  1. Nationwide industry certification and study materials included in the cost of the course
  2. Flexible online course allow you to study anytime, anywhere, at your own pace
  3. One-to-one support from an industry professional here to help you succeed
  4. Hours of engaging video training featuring career tips from industry experts
  5. Graduate debt-free in a matter of months with affordable tuition

About Our Veterinary Assistant School

After completing the Veterinary Assistant course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the interpersonal skills and professional characteristics of an effective veterinary assistant, explain where employment opportunities can be found for those with training in animal care, and outline typical daily responsibilities.
  • Use appropriate veterinary terminology to describe basic concepts of anatomy and physiology, pathology and disease, pharmacology, dentistry, and nutrition, as they apply to animals.
  • Describe how to determine the difference between emergency medical conditions and less critical medical ailments by identifying symptoms, signs, and clinical signs, and by reading animal body language.
  • Explain the fundamental quality control processes used to safely handle and treat both healthy and sick/injured animals, such as when conducting physical examinations, collecting samples, conducting tests, performing procedures, and making observations.
  • Identify standard procedures used in the animal care laboratory and surgical center and describe the functions, use, and maintenance of the specialized equipment and instruments found there.
  • Interact with veterinarians, veterinary technicians, clients, and animals, displaying professional skills, appearance, and ethics in a work-experience setting.

About your Certification

This course is designed to cover all of the Essential Skills for Assistant Training recommended by National Certified Veterinary Assistant (NCVA). NCVA is offered by the Certification Testing Corporation and is the only nationally-recognized certification for veterinary assistants. The cost of the exam is included with your course (a $90 value, yours free).

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How Our Veterinary Assistant School Works

Students can enroll and get started anytime. Here is how your online Veterinary Assistant Course will work:
how it works

Sign up and gain immediate access to your first set of online course materials

Including ebooks, lesson texts, and hours of HD video training featuring experts in the field, explaining the most important concepts in detail.

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You will have access to our team of mentors to help guide you through the course

Here to answer any questions that you might have along the way, you’ll have the full support of our faculty as you train for a new career.

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Proceed at your own pace with convenient access to your online course, anytime, anywhere

There are no due dates or deadlines to worry about. You have up to two years to complete your course at no additional charge.

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Students will be given specialty career support at the end of your course

This includes assistance with interview preparation, resume writing, and job searches, everything you need to know to start your new career in this field.

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After completing the course curriculum, you will receive a certification from National Certified Veterinary Assistant.

National Certified Veterinary Assistant (NCVA) is offered by the Certification Testing Corporation and is the only nationally-recognized certification for veterinary assistants. The cost of the exam is included with your course (a $90 value, yours free).

Veterinary careers are in high demand. NYICD is one of the only online veterinary assistant schools that pairs you with a professional in the field, who will provide one-to-one support as you complete your studies. Check out the job outlook for veterinary assistants. If you're serious about training for a new career that you can be proud of, we want to help. Call 1-800-239-9275 or enroll online today.