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Payroll Administrator Course Outline
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NYICD’s Payroll Administrator Course is designed to give you the skills to enter the workforce as a successful Payroll Administrator. The full course outline below will show you everything that you will learn

Payroll Administrator Course Description

Our Payroll Administrator course will teach you the necessary skills to start a career ensuring that your colleagues receive their wages and benefits. From managing the payroll process, to time tracking, deductions and taxes, you will learn the skills to become an invaluable addition to any company.

Online Payroll Administration Class Curriculum

Unit 1: Introduction to Payroll and Employees

1.1 Concepts in Business and Self-Employment 

In Lesson 1.1: You will learn how to become self-employed as a payroll specialist, including competitive differentiation, market testing, investment funding and donation funding. You will also be taught about the qualities of a successful entrepreneur, crowdfunding, and angel investors.

1.2 Introduction to Payroll Management 

In Lesson 1.2: Explore the traditional payroll process and learn methods to improve operational efficiency. You will also understand the concepts of electronic payment, employee self-service systems. Finally, you will learn the different types of employees and contractors, and why confidentiality is incredibly important.

1.3 Basics of Time Tracking and Compensation 

In Lesson 1.3: You will learn software to accurately track the hours worked by your colleagues. You’ll master the distinction between wages and salaries, and how to calculate compensation for different kinds of wage plans, as well as supplemental wages, overtimes, commissions, sick and vacation pay.

1.4 Employee Benefits 

In Lesson 1.4: Understand the wide range of employee benefits, and the wage implications and taxability of these benefits.

Unit 2: Deductions and Payments

2.1 Deductions and Taxes 

In Lesson 2.1: Learn the intricacies of the deduction process for benefits and special situations such as garnishments. In addition, you will learn to calculate and withhold employee and employer payroll taxes.

2.2 Tax and Employee Payments 

In Lesson 2.2: Understand how to submit payroll taxes to the appropriate tax agency on time, and the applicable rules and processes associated with different deposit schedules. This lesson also includes common types of manual and electronic methods for disbursing wages to employees.

Unit 3: Payroll Accounting and Controls

3.1 Payroll Accounting and Reports 

In Lesson 3.1: You’ll understand the payroll accounting process including specific journal entries, financial statements, the payroll register, and how to prepare internal and external reports. You’ll also learn the proper application of the W-2, W-3, and 1099-MISC forms.

3.2 Recordkeeping and Controls 

In Lesson 3.2: You’ll learn procedures used to create and maintain payroll data and records necessary for company and IRS compliance. Understand how to add new employees to the payroll system and how to generate payment/withholding records using a variety of documents and systems. Finally, you’ll gain understanding on how to identify and prevent fraud associated with the payroll process.

3.3 Measurements and Outsourcing 

In Lesson 3.3: You’ll understand the ways to monitor and improve the payroll process using specific calculations and measurements, and how to supply critical data to manage human capital. This lesson will also teach you payroll outsourcing and how to manage outsourced payroll activities.

What You Get

  • Instant access to high-quality course materials
  • One-to-one mentorship from a professional in the field
  • Video training featuring tips from industry veterans
  • Certification preparation materials including free practice test

NYICD offers convenient online training in payroll administration to anyone looking to gain the independence that comes with a new career. Study anytime, anywhere at your own pace and earn your payroll certification in a matter of months. Call 1-800-239-9275 or enroll online today.

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