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Paralegal Course Outline
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NYICD's online paralegal course will prepare you for an exciting new career. You will graduate ready to enter the workforce and be on your way to becoming a successful paralegal.

Paralegal Course Description

This comprehensive program will teach you the basic principles necessary to become an effective paralegal. You will learn about the intricacies of the legal system. You will understand the litigation process, torts and product liability, contracts and e-commerce. Your course covers writing, interviewing, investigation skills, and ethics and professionalism - all the skills law firms require of their paralegals. Also, we'll teach you property and family law, labor laws, intellectual property and digital law.

Online Paralegal Course Curriculum

Unit 1: The Paralegal in the Workplace and U.S. Law

1.1 Introduction to Legal and Criminal Justice Careers 

In Lesson 1.1: Learn the basics of law, including the sources of American law, a variety of crimes, and legal terms. You'll also be able to identify the variety of careers in the criminal justice system.

1.2 Paralegal Duties, Ethics, and Professional Responsibility 

In Lesson 1.2: Understand the roles and duties of a paralegal. You'll learn your career options and know professional paralegal organizations. Also, you will learn the ethical standards that paralegals uphold.

1.3 The Paralegal Workplace and Technology 

In Lesson 1.3: You will improve your interviewing techniques, and learn how to create a winning resume. You'll understand the ways that your responsibilities as a paralegal may vary. Finally, you will be able to identify the software and technology that law firms rely on.

1.4 Fundamentals of U.S. Law 

In Lesson 1.4: Learn the difference between federal and state law, and how they function together. Understand the doctrine of separation of powers, and checks and balances built into the U.S. Constitution. Finally, you'll be able to outline the history, sources, and functions of U.S. law.

Unit 2: The Court System and Alternative Dispute Resolution

2.1 The Court System and Alternative Dispute Resolution 

In Lesson 2.1: Discuss the federal and state court systems, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Understand the potential benefits of mediation, arbitration, and other forms of dispute resolution.

2.2 Civil Litigation 

In Lesson 2.2: Know your role as a paralegal in the litigation process. Also, you'll understand the litigation process, including discovery and pleadings. Be able to list the steps in a trial, and explain the purposes of pretrial motions and settlement conferences.

2.3 Criminal Law and Procedure 

IIn Lesson 2.3: Identify professional opportunities for paralegals in criminal law. You'll learn the procedures and due process requirements of a criminal trial. Understand the protections afforded by the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments to the Constitution.

Unit 3: Paralegal Skills and Legal Subjects

3.1 Paralegal Skills 

In Lesson 3.1: You will be confident in a wide variety of skills required of a paralegal. Including initial contact with clients and witnesses. You'll also understand the importance of expert witnesses and how to use them in trial. Finally, you'll understand legal issues, material facts, applicable law, and legal conclusions.

3.2 Torts and Product Liability 

In Lesson 3.2: Learn the differences between intentional torts against persons and property. You'll also learn the defenses available in tort lawsuits. Finally, you'll be able to describe the types of damages available to plaintiffs in tort and product liability lawsuits.

3.3 Contracts and E-Commerce 

In Lesson 3.3: Discuss the elements of a contract and outline reasons why a contract won't be enforceable. Also, understand the ways in which a contract can be breached. Finally, you'll distinguish between monetary and equitable remedies.

Unit 4: The Different Types of Law

4.1 Property and Family 

In Lesson 4.1: Distinguish between real and personal property, and be able to describe gift transfers. You'll also show your understanding of possible landlord-tenant relationships. Additionally, you'll understand the standards and responsibilities of paralegals in family law.

4.2 Agency, Employment, and Immigration Law 

In Lesson 4.2: You'll be able to explain how worker's compensation benefits work. Additionally, you'll learn the scope of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other workers' rights legislation. You'll also be able to discuss immigration law.

4.3 Intellectual Property and Digital Law 

In Lesson 4.3: You'll learn federal and international laws that apply to intellectual property. You'll be able to explain the limitations placed on the fair-use doctrine. Finally, you'll discuss the ways in which cybercrimes have influenced intellectual property law.

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  • Instant access to high-quality course materials
  • One-to-one mentorship from a professional in the field
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  • Certification preparation materials including free practice test

NYICD offers convenient online training in paralegal training to anyone looking to gain the independence that comes with a new career. Study anytime, anywhere at your own pace and earn your paralegal certificate in a matter of months. Call 1-800-239-9275 or enroll online today.

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