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Administrative Assistant Course Outline
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Upon completion of NYICD's online administrative assistant course, you will be able to confidently seek employment in the industry.

Administrative Assistant Course Description

The Administrative Assistant course is designed in such a way that students will be able to learn the necessary skills and business knowledge to succeed in the industry. Students will learn to develop professional skills such as time management, public speaking, telecommunication skills, Microsoft Word and Excel. Additionally, students will learn administrative skills including processing mail, records management, scheduling appointments, hosting visitors, banking and accounting procedures.

Administrative Assistant Class Curriculum

Unit 1: The Office Setting, Professional Skills, and Employment

1.1 Concepts in Small Business and Self Employment 

In Lesson 1.1: Concepts in Small Business and Self Employment, Learn how to evaluate your business and your competitors and understand a variety of business terminology and concepts including investment & donation funding, crowdfunding and angel investors.

1.2 Understanding the Changing and Challenging Office 

In Lesson 1.2: Understand the purpose of a company missions statement and code of ethics while learning the core office support functions and how to maintain a good working relationship with your manager.

1.3 Developing Professional Skills 

Lesson 1.3: Developing Professional Skills, Describe the four hard skills that make office professionals successful, a variety of qualities, interpersonal skills and learn ways of coping with stress that will help you succeed in an office environment.

1.4 Preparing for your Employment 

Lesson 1.4: Preparing for your Employment, Prepare yourself to seek employment by learning how to prepare a resume and cover letter while understanding how to interview. Additionally, you’ll learn how to send appropriate follow up messages that will help to set you apart as a thoughtful and responsible candidate.

1.5 Time Management 

Lesson 1.5: Time Management, Learn time management skills by understanding the difference between working efficiently and effectively by learning a variety tools to establish excellent work habits.

1.6 Telecommunications 

Lesson 1.6: Become an excellent telecommunicator by learning how to present yourself professionally while speaking on the phone.

Unit 2: Communication Skills, Accounting Basics, and Scheduling Appointments

2.1 Building Communication Skills 

Lesson 2.1: Building Communication Skills, Identify various communication methods and how to overcome barriers to the communication process and refine your written communication skills.

2.2 Processing Mail 

In Lesson 2.2: Processing Mail, Understand the best practices of email communication in a professional setting, learn how to correctly handle incoming mail and how to use a variety of different office equipment.

2.3 Records Management 

In Lesson 2.3: Records Management, Explain how records management works as a system, how to categorize records, distinguish between filing systems and recognize the guidelines for records retention and transfer.

2.3 Inventory, Assets and Debt 

In Lesson 2.3: Inventory, Assets and Debt, we focus on key challenges that include mastering the di?erences between periodic and perpetual inventory systems, absorption and standard costing, and di?erent approaches to calculating inventory.

2.4 Banking and Accounting Procedures 

In Lesson 2.4: Banking and Accounting Procedures, Learn ethical banking and accounting procedures including the use of cashier’s checks, bank drafts, money orders, how to reconcile a bank statement and the budgeting process.

2.5 Scheduling Appointments and Receiving Visitors 

In Lesson 2.5: Scheduling Appointments and Receiving Visitors, Understand how to schedule and confirm appointments for managers, learn appropriate use of scheduling tools, and learn how to properly welcome and host visitors.

2.6 Essential Workplace Technologies 

In Lesson 2.6: Essential Workplace Technologies, Become familiar with the parts of a computer, how to efficiently use Windows Operating System and learn essential softwares for successfully working in a professional office environment.

Unit 3: Travel Arrangements, Planning Meetings, and Challenges in the Office

3.1 Making Travel Arrangements 

Lesson 3.1: Making Travel Arrangements, Learn to use a variety of services and resources to make domestic and international travel arrangements, including hotel reservations, finalizing an itinerary, and ethically reporting travel expenses.

3.2 Planning Meetings and Conferences 

In Lesson 3.2: Planning Meetings and Conferences, Understand the steps to prepare for successful business meetings including producing an agenda and learn how to host common forms of online meetings using industry standard software.

3.3 Developing Effective Oral Presentations 

In Lesson 3.3: Developing Effective Oral Presentations, Become a more confident public speaker by being able to clearly communicate the importance and purpose of your presentation, learning to conquer any fears related to public speaking, and how to present to a diverse audience.

3.4 Preparing to Meet the Challenges 

In Lesson 3.4: Preparing to Meet the Challenges, Identify strategies for personal advancement within your organization by highlighting your leadership qualities, identifying associations and certifications that can help set you apart for promotion.

3.5 Working in a Medical Office 

In Lesson 3.5: Working in a Medical Office, Be able to describe the types of medical offices and a variety of medical specialities, as well as understand the specific tasks that you may perform while working in a medical office environment.

3.6 Working in a Legal Office 

In Lesson 3.6: Working in a Legal Office, You will learn how to succeed in a legal office setting by identifying the positions that may be available, relevant certifications, and you will understand the basics of legal document preparation.

Career Investigation Project 

This project-based assignment is designed to help you define and communicate your goals related to your fields of study. This project will help you understand the process of locating potential employers who might want to hire graduates with formal instruction in this career field. You will focus on the skills, training, and personal traits that those employers look for when recruiting job applicants.

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