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Property Management Class Curriculum
Why choose NYICD?

Once you complete NYICD’s online Property Management course, you will be ready to enter this lucrative field.

Course Description

The Property Management course is designed to teach students how to evaluate and select investment properties, establish favorable leasing terms and conditions, and screen and select tenants. Students learn to identify maintenance concerns, hire employees and contractors, manage legal and financial issues, establish healthy tenant relationships, and enforce rent due dates. Special topics include specific housing markets, affordable housing, and continuing education.

Property Management Classes Online

Unit 1: Introduction to Property Management

1.1 Concepts in Small Business and Self-Employment  

Evaluating your business idea; setting yourself apart from the competition; market testing; investment funding and donation funding; qualities of an entrepreneur; crowdfunding and angel investors.

1.2 The Benefits of Property Management  

Understand the benefits of managing properties, explain how to get started as a property manager, determine when to perform property management duties yourself and when to hire someone else, explain how to perform property management on a high level

1.3 Becoming a Successful Property Manager and Building a Winning Plan  

Understand the skills, aptitude, and attitude of successful property managers, review what it takes to become a successful property manager, explain what to do if you can’t be a DIY property manager, understand how to develop a winning plan, review what it takes to become successful, discuss how to build a team

Unit 2: Operations and Tenants

2.1 Property Records and Maintenance  

Understand why you need a system for records and other functions, review property maintenance requirements, eExplain a property manager’s role in repairs, explain how you can minimize repairs, discuss what it means to be green and eco-friendly and give examples of how you can apply these principles to your properties

2.2 Personnel and Outsourcing  

Understand how and when to add personnel to your team, discuss the hiring and training of new team members, understand important elements of retaining good team members, explain when to outsource help, list the elements of good property management companies, review contracts

2.3 Managing Vacancies, Rent, and Leases  

Understand how to market vacancies, review how to set rents and terms, explain how to structure leases, understand rental rates, list when, how, and why to change rental rates

2.4 Tenant Screening, Billing, and Relations  

Understand the importance of screening tenants, explain if you should perform background checks, define what it means to act as a reference, demonstrate understanding of security deposits, review when to increase or lower rent, identify good tenants, understand tenant difficulties, describe the eviction process

Unit 3: Business Aspects of Property Management

3.1 Legal Issues  

Understand entity formation, explain how to protect your assets, discuss landlord-tenant law, explain discrimination and how it could affect your business

3.2 Rental Property Financing and Insurance  

Discuss financial controls, review reporting requirements and record keeping, understand taxes and deductions for your properties, list different types of insurances you may need

3.3 Special Topics in Property Management  

Understand specialized housing markets, review workforce housing, discuss disabled access, explain working with student units, understand affordable housing and Section 8, review discrimination, discuss continuing your property management education

Career Investigation Project  

This project-based assignment is designed to help you define and communicate your goals related to your field of study. This project will help you understand the process of locating potential employers who might want to hire graduates with formal instruction in this career field.

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